Top 21 Niche Ideas For Your Next Website In 2024 By Niche Blogger

Are you looking for new niche ideas?

With this post, I help niche bloggers discover profitable, low-competition niche ideas before the masses find them.

Top 21 Niche Ideas For 2024 at

You can consider these niche ideas and create niche business websites to make money online at!

1. Unusual Phones Niche

Not all phones are created equal.

There are mini smartphones, phones for minimalists, and phones for kids.

In this niche, you can review these unusual phones, answer common questions, and even help solve technical issues.

2. Global Currency and Numismatics

 Love history and money?

In this niche, you can discuss coins and banknotes from around the world, uncover their history, and assess their numismatic value.

This niche appeals to both collectors and history buffs.

3. Binocular

Binoculars serve several niches, from birdwatching and hunting to marine observations and stargazing.

With some premium models fetching up to $10,000, this niche presents lucrative opportunities for affiliates.

Offer reviews of top brands, compare features for different use cases, and guide readers in selecting the perfect pair of binoculars.

4. Oat Recipes

How many recipes could you add oats to?

From oatmeal pancakes to refreshing smoothies, explore the versatility of oats in a variety of dishes.

This niche can easily complement existing food blogs or stand alone as a specialized food blog.

5. Denim Projects

Did you know denim originates from France?

In this niche, you can showcase denim projects and ways to upcycle denim clothes.

You can also promote materials such as dyes, glues, buttons, and more.

6. Backyard Golf Courses

Wish you could golf everyday? Why not consider building a backyard golf course?

In this niche, you can promote specialized mowers, fertilizer, and golf hole equipment.

7. Forklifts

Yep, you can buy forklifts on Amazon.

Here, you can answer common forklift questions, discuss various accessories, and also promote forklift training and certifications.

8. Plumbing Service Software

Plumbing is a high-demand skill which includes software for customer management, estimates, and scheduling.

Here, you can compare and contrast various software, some of which have $500 commissions.

9. Minimalist Desk Setups

Love a sleek workspace?

This niche combines minimalism and tech for designers, gamers, and programmers.

Promote standing desks, speakers, keyboards, and monitors for functionality and elegance.

10. Space and Science

Science! If you’re looking to nerd out, a science blog or YouTube channel may just work.

Explain astronomy and earth sciences and discuss new and interesting findings.

You may even want to do your own experiments.

11. Soft Skills

Did you know 85% of job success comes from soft skills?

In this niche, you can discuss communication, leadership, management, and productivity in the workplace.

12. Notion

Notion is a popular productivity and note-taking application.

Along with having an affiliate program, you can sell templates and courses teaching people how to use the software.

13. One bag travel

One bag travel combines travel and minimalism to help travel easier.

In this niche, you can discuss packing gear, backpacks, and travel hacks.

14. Energy drinks

If there’s one thing people need, it’s caffeine.

Not only can you review and promote various energy drinks, but you can also discuss healthy options including powders and homemade recipes.

15. Backyard pods

Is it an office? An art studio? A gym?

Backyard pods are small buildings that provide extra living space.

In this niche, you can review various pod companies, and furniture solutions, and answer common questions.

16. Leadership

What makes a good leader? This niche helps those in leadership and management roles become more effective.

Though SEO could be more difficult, topics like management and team building may work well with video.

17. Yoga and Meditation Retreats

Did you know there are silent 10-day meditation retreats where you don’t talk?

In this niche, you can organize and rank the best-reviewed retreats and workshops from around the world.

You can even discuss how to organize and promote such events.

18. Online Privacy

Online privacy involves keeping your information and identity private online.

Here, you can discuss information collection of popular apps and recommend encryption software and privacy-focused email providers.

19. Travel Health Insurance

Another niche in my list is Travel Health Insurance.

This niche can be stand-alone or fit into a larger travel niche.

Here, you can review popular travel insurance plans and answer common questions about the topic.

20. Laptop Repair

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

This niche has a huge range of topics about various models and hardware.

Discuss diagnostics tools, software, and review online courses.

21. Online Therapy

Online therapy is a growing niche and is easier and cheaper to access than traditional therapy.

Some online therapy platforms have affiliate programs paying up to $100 per sale.

You can create a site that reviews different platforms and answer questions regarding cost, effectiveness, insurance acceptance, and more.

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